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DLC Packs of GTA 5 and  GTA

GTA V 1.10 Patch Update and Full Change Log

Rockstar Games, who launched the bestselling game, GTA 5, recently released the full change log for 1.10 patch. On the 13th February, Rockstar Support updated fans with a long list of changes that will be implemeted through the 1.10 patch for GTA 5 Online. The long list of updates include fixes on the bug issues as well as introduction of new features in the game. The majority of the new features are added to improve the gamers’ experiences in the multiplayer GTA 5 Online. For instance, they added the notification screen to prevent the in-game characters and personal vehicles from getting deleted accidentally. They have also added the names of the users who created the Rockstar verified jobs. This enables players to easily search for the user created jobs. The 1.10 patch fixes bug issues such as faulty timer, and cornrow hair glitch. The Rat Loader car is available in the game again. You can now acquire the Rat Loader car for free for a limited time period until the next update for Grand Theft Auto 5. The full change log of the 1.10 patch is listed at the Rockstar Support page of the official website.  Rockstar has been releasing new updates for the GTA 5 ever since the debut of the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions  in the past year. Rockstar Games constantly released new patches to fix the bugs in both the single player and multiplayer game. The patches also introduced new features into the game.

Take-Two Interactive Discussed about the DLC Packs of GTA 5 and  GTA 6

Strauss Zelnich discussed in an interview about Rockstar’s vision for GTA 5. On the 21st February, Breath Cast, who acts as the CEO and chairman for Take-Two Interactive, revealed in an interview that Rockstar had always wanted to create a game with a storyline that resemble the James Bond movie. Rockstar is not planning to release a new version of the Grand Theft Auto every year so there will be a long gap between the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 and Grand Theft Auto 6. Strauss Zelnick’s interview can be found below: The long gap will allow some time for Take-Two Interactive to come up with the funding to develop the game. They revealed that they introduced  the DLC packs in hope that they can generate more profits. The slideshow on the left provides some screenshots on the GTA Online. The remaining statement of Strauss Zelnick can be found below: The division of Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games, had made the downloadable expansions available for GTA 5 generator. Some of the DLC packs are available for free while others can be purchased at a low price. Rockstar will be releasing the DLC packs cash card for both the single player and multiplayer versions of GTA 5 Online.

Unlimited Money with GTA 5 Money Hack Tool

We are offering a free money hack tool that allows you to get unlimited gold in the GT5 game. You don’t have to complete any survey or provide a password to use the tool. The GT5 hack tool will surely increase your gaming experience. How can you get GTA5 hacks and cheats that work on various platforms including PC, Xbox, PS3, and PS4? They can be found hereOur software can provide cheat codes that enable you to increase the amount of money and ammo  to an amount that cannot be used finished. The cheat codes also allows you to unlock all the guns for free. The GTA 5 money hack tool is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. There is no need to jailbreak your Android or iOS devices to use the money hack tool. There are only a few simple steps you need to follow to use the software. GTA 5 money hack tool is free from malware and will not affect your computer when you download it. Many sites charge a small fee for unlimited money cheats tools. With the hack tool, you can easily generate cheat codes that allow you to unlock various objects in the game without having to spend time to do research online for them.

The hack tool can also be used to unlock the abilities of the streetfighter character, Sagat in GTA5. Just like Watch Dogs, GTA5 is a top video game that allows you to move around in a massive virtual world. The storyline and missions are completely different from the older Grand Theft Auto versions. It is one of the best open world games of all times. The developer has updated GTA 5 with many new features in order to make it the finest game for gamers. The three characters in the game play an important role in helping the game to have an interesting storyline. Players have the option of choosing the crew members to carry out the heist. GTA 5 is the ultimate criminal game that allows you to carry out bigger and more violent crimes. The game features detailed visuals and nice background music. There are lots of fun stuff and recreational activities that you can do to explore the massive virtual city in the game.

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How to get Black Ops 2 cheaters banned

Black Ops 2 cheaters, hackers and boosters beware! wickedshrapnel was able to get two players banned for cheating, and he has shared a five minute video explaining the process so that it can happen to you! If you don’t do any cheating on Black Ops 2, though, this is definitely good news.

The process is actually very simple, but you will have to be mindful. What you’ll need to do is get some evidence capturing device ready, which in wickedshrapnel’s case was actual video capture using an ElGato capture card. You document proof that the players were cheating, either showing their impossible high score or audio or text of them bragging about it, post a report to Reddit thread reporttheboosters, include the details and you’re done.

Alternately, you can choose to report the boosting/hacking/cheating on Booster Busters. The site only lets you choose PS3 and Xbox 360, but it’s straightforward and easy to use.

If video capture is not an option for you, wickedshrapnel suggests you take screen caps in Theater mode with said evidence. For example, you can take a screenshot of one player with a 30-0 booster, and another player with a 0-30 booster, and then another screenshot showing both of them doing tactical insertion boosting, or TAC insert boosting.

Boosting and other forms of cheating have been a thorn in the side of FPS players for a long time. In fact, we shared a video exposing boosting techniques cheaters use in Black Ops 2 from last year. If you play Black Ops 2 or know people who do, please share this information so that more people can protect themselves from abusive behavior.

You can watch the video wickedshrapnel actually used as evidence below:

More details at

Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Versions of GTA 5

Money Hacks and Bounties in GTA 5 Online

The money hacks problem in GTA 5 Online is getting worser. Kotaku published a report on the 24th December, that contains complaints from players about how other players have destroyed their gameplay experiences by implementing the money hack cheats in the multiplayer GTA 5 Online. Players reportedly received a large sum of in-game currencies from hackers although they didn’t requested them. To solve this problem, Rockstar’s moderators are banning accounts that belonged to hackers in Grand Theft Auto Online. This has led some players to worry that their accounts will get banned. Rockstar is also facing problems from hackers who use bounties to generate a large sum of money. Bounties are placed on targeted players to help them to generate millions of dollars. This forced the targeted player to stay inside the secret place of the apartment until the timer countdown ends. Rockstar has released the 1.08 patch to prevent hackers from creating vehicle copies and sell them repeatedly to earn a large sum of money. The new patch still couldn’t tackle with hacked consoles that are used to edit the cash payout during a heist in GTA Online. If Rockstar don’t tackle with this problem, it can caused them to lose a lot of money as they are selling cash cards to players. The money hack problems could also cause Rockstar to lose their business as many players will get angry and stop playing GTA 5. You can visit the slideshow on the left to view the screenshots from GTA Online.

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Versions of GTA 5

There are some new information on the Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Grand Theft 5 game. GameFAQ published a report on the 18th July, which states that players can now access the ATM to find out how much balance is left in the bank accounts of the three primary characters including Franklin, Michael and Trevor. Michael knows how to hack the ATM by implementing a minigame sequence. The slideshow on top provide some screenshots on Grand Theft Auto 5. In Grand Theft Auto 5, you can easily switch between the three players including Franklin, Michael and Trevor during the gameplay. This is why the campaigns in GTA 5 are more complicated and challenging compared to the previous versions. Rockstar will be debuting the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of GTA 5 online money hack on the 17th September. Players who are interested in preordering the GTA 5 game from Amazon can visit this link “GTA 5”.